One-Shot Options

Alright, folks. We’re going to meet once more this summer before we break till the fall. Here are the options we can explore before then:

1. A one-shot LotFP adventure for characters that aren’t ours. I have one or two “canned” adventures that could work, if you feel like a straight-up, brutal dungeon crawl with characters you don’t mind seeing torn to absolute shreds. (And actually, I have a pretty cool one-shot adventure I’d love to try with you guys.)

OR we could try Fiasco and Dread:

To jog your memory, Fiasco is the game designed basically to emulate a Coen Brothers heist-gone-wrong movie like Fargo. The best example video online is the three-parter on TableTop:

… and…

Dread is basically a horror RPG that uses Jenga instead of dice as a resolution mechanic. I have on scenario ready for that, but would probably do up another since I have an idea all ready to go:

Which option to you prefer? A wacky LotFP one-shot, or a session where we try to play Fiasco and, if there’s time, Dread?

By the way, I have a few other games in mind for future one-shots:



… and Microscope:


… and, maybe, a one-shot Vampire the Masquerade game, except nobody would be playing vampires. (Or vampire-hunters.) Vampire with a twist. Here’s a hint:


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