Gearing Up

Alright, in the wake of the playtest, let’s try get a campaign going.

  1. Here’s a Doodle poll for setting up the next game day/night. Please select whatever times work for you, so Chris and I can schedule the next event.
  2. Make yourself a character.
    • We’re starting with new Level 1 characters for the next game.
    • Check out this rundown on what class/race combinations are available, and char-gen methods to use:
      1. If you’re new to tabletop RPGs, I’d suggest going with a basic Human character in a core class—Fighter, Specialist, or Magic-User—and come up with a compelling backstory for the setting.
      2. If you’re playing a non-human race (Dagonian, Changeling, or Revenant) please check the writeup linked from the page linked above.
  3. You can read up on the setting here. Long story short, it’s a weird alternate history 1680s setting.
  4. Check out the good old Rumor Mill for info your characters will have heard about by the time game day rolls around.

Finally: yes, the playtest is canon, and forms the backdrop of the beginnings of our campaign. Which is to say, that tower and the monastery? They’re both still there… muhahaha.

And there’s other various rumors floating around. You know where to look for that.

Weird Europe

Your characters’ Europe is not our Europe. It’s… worse. I mean, Europe wasn’t a particularly fun place to be in the 168os: religious strife, horrible and persistent disease outbreaks, religious intolerance, plenty of mercenary and criminal activity, religious and social repression, the rising pressures of colonial expansion and of the growth of mercantile capitalism, and much more.

Wait, that’s our Europe.

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The World as Your Characters Know It

If you’ve played some flavor of D&D before, you probably have a specific idea of how a standard campaign world works, and how the rules function within it. That’s a good thing: it means most of the mechanics of this game will be familiar and comfortable for you. However, I’m trying something a little different, because I want a fresh angle on this game we all know and love. Using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess system is one part of that, but I’m going a couple of steps further.

I’ll try sketch out the world for you in several posts; if I do it right, I think it’ll answer any questions you might have about why the standard demihuman races (elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, half-orc) aren’t available for play, while weird subraces like the Changeling and the Dagonian are, as well as what to expect while adventuring in this world, and how it differs from regular old D&D.

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