One-Shot Options

Alright, folks. We’re going to meet once more this summer before we break till the fall. Here are the options we can explore before then:

1. A one-shot LotFP adventure for characters that aren’t ours. I have one or two “canned” adventures that could work, if you feel like a straight-up, brutal dungeon crawl with characters you don’t mind seeing torn to absolute shreds. (And actually, I have a pretty cool one-shot adventure I’d love to try with you guys.)

OR we could try Fiasco and Dread:

To jog your memory, Fiasco is the game designed basically to emulate a Coen Brothers heist-gone-wrong movie like Fargo. The best example video online is the three-parter on TableTop:

… and…

Dread is basically a horror RPG that uses Jenga instead of dice as a resolution mechanic. I have on scenario ready for that, but would probably do up another since I have an idea all ready to go:

Which option to you prefer? A wacky LotFP one-shot, or a session where we try to play Fiasco and, if there’s time, Dread?

By the way, I have a few other games in mind for future one-shots:



… and Microscope:


… and, maybe, a one-shot Vampire the Masquerade game, except nobody would be playing vampires. (Or vampire-hunters.) Vampire with a twist. Here’s a hint:


Gearing Up

Alright, in the wake of the playtest, let’s try get a campaign going.

  1. Here’s a Doodle poll for setting up the next game day/night. Please select whatever times work for you, so Chris and I can schedule the next event.
  2. Make yourself a character.
    • We’re starting with new Level 1 characters for the next game.
    • Check out this rundown on what class/race combinations are available, and char-gen methods to use:
      1. If you’re new to tabletop RPGs, I’d suggest going with a basic Human character in a core class—Fighter, Specialist, or Magic-User—and come up with a compelling backstory for the setting.
      2. If you’re playing a non-human race (Dagonian, Changeling, or Revenant) please check the writeup linked from the page linked above.
  3. You can read up on the setting here. Long story short, it’s a weird alternate history 1680s setting.
  4. Check out the good old Rumor Mill for info your characters will have heard about by the time game day rolls around.

Finally: yes, the playtest is canon, and forms the backdrop of the beginnings of our campaign. Which is to say, that tower and the monastery? They’re both still there… muhahaha.

And there’s other various rumors floating around. You know where to look for that.